Message from the President and CEO and Board Chair

Chris Bloomer
President and CEO, CEPA

Message from the President and CEO
Transporting Canada’s energy – for Canadians and the world.

As our energy ecosystem evolves, oil and natural gas transmission pipelines will play an important role in the energy future for both Canada and the world. Canadians can have confidence in how their energy is transported, because CEPA members are working together to continuously improve on what is already one of the best safety records in the world.

The story of CEPA is uniquely Canadian. Transmission pipeline operators do not compete on safety, but instead collaborate in the safe and responsible delivery of oil and natural gas for life in Canada. Safety and environmental protection are at the core of everything we do. No incident is acceptable, and we will continue to work tirelessly toward the goal of zero incidents.

Transmission pipelines safely transport 97 per cent of Canada’s oil and natural gas, providing reliable and affordable energy while generating hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs and billions of dollars in funding for federal and provincial government programs like education and health care.

The industry’s impact also reaches beyond Canada’s borders. The world is demanding cleaner, responsibly-produced energy products, and we have an opportunity – a responsibility – to answer that demand. By helping countries move away from higher-emission sources of energy, we can actually help lower global greenhouse gas emissions.

CEPA’s 2019 Performance Report – our fifth annual report – outlines what CEPA members are doing to build a better energy future for Canada with respect to safety, the environment and socio-economic contributions.

Chris Bloomer
President and CEO, CEPA

Paul Murphy
Board Chair, CEPA
Senior Vice President, Corporate Services, Pembina Pipeline Corporation

Message from the Board Chair
Putting Canadians first.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association, thank you for your interest in CEPA’s 2019 Transmission Pipeline Industry Performance Report. The report reflects our collective commitment to be a global industry leader in the safe, efficient and expert delivery of energy products.

Safe and secure energy supply is vital to our way of life, and Canada’s transmission pipeline operators take this responsibility seriously by putting the interests of Canadians first. Through CEPA’s Integrity First® program, we work together by sharing leading practices and innovations to continuously improve our safety performance. CEPA members have an extraordinary depth of safety, operational and technological expertise and are committed to sharing that knowledge to keep our pipelines safe and our communities protected.

This type of collaboration demonstrates just one of the many ways Canada has become a world leader in managing the production and distribution of energy products. The world needs our energy, and CEPA member companies have a proven track record of meeting this need safely and reliably.

Paul Murphy
Board Chair, CEPA
Senior Vice President, Corporate Services, Pembina Pipeline Corporation

Why pipelines matter

Pipelines matter for Canada

Canadians need oil and natural gas for life in Canada. About 77% of fuel needs in Canada today are met by oil and natural gas. And 97% of all of Canada’s oil and natural gas is shipped by pipeline. While the portion of solar and wind energy is rising, forecasts indicate oil and natural gas could still provide 65% of the world’s energy in 2040.

Pipelines matter for the world

As the world addresses climate change, Canada’s energy will be an important part of the solution. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Canada can help lower global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions when it’s used to displace higher-emitting fuels for power generation. Canada’s abundant supply of natural gas (1,220 trillion cubic feet, enough for 300 years at current consumption levels) is transported to LNG terminals by pipeline.

Growth in energy demand – around the world: 2017-2040

Pipelines matter for your prosperity

Pipelines enable thousands of jobs in communities across Canada, as well as supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs in the energy industry and the livelihoods of millions of Canadians*. Since 2005, oil and natural gas has contributed close to $1 trillion to Canada’s GDP**, and 97 per cent of that energy is transported in pipelines.

* Source: Statistics Canada, Labour force characteristics by industry

** Source: Statistics Canada Natural Resources Satellite Account (NRSA)

Pipelines matter for our society

Pipelines generate billions of dollars for vital government programs like health care and education – over $200 billion since 2008.

Source: RBC Economics, Energy Matters

Pipelines matter to you

Pipelines safely transport the oil and natural gas you count on for travelling, heating, cooking, transporting goods, growing food and so much more.